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WheelChair Back Flip

25 Comments 27 August 2010

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25 Comments so far

  1. guess174 says:

    What a legend

  2. loveforever7122 says:

    dude thats kick ass

  3. Conceited1600 says:

    lol he doing all this tricks….I still feel sorry for him that’s he’s in a wheelchair

  4. DancingSpiderman says:

    cool GimpFlips

  5. Sunshockey14 says:

    @tiggernerd when they say its sick, they mean its cool

  6. BMXarevalo says:


  7. nunother says:

    He smashes his feet on that backflip…but i guess he wouldnt feel it so itsa win!

  8. tiggernerd says:

    Everyone is like thats sick n stuff, i agree n all, but its really cool that he is helping other people

  9. mychanneldonttouch says:


  10. SoulTroll06 says:

    dat was sick!!!

  11. yotetube says:

    hey men u are best

  12. luzzieHD says:

    props to you!

  13. kanjinboy1998 says:


  14. Matonias says:

    I feel so happy for him ;)

  15. TheMetroidfanboy says:

    i guess some people see there handicap as a toy ;)

  16. roomyhercules says:

    he rocks!!!! make your own game

  17. husswuss says:

    inspirational dude. you’re epic! keep it up!

  18. OMGiiTSLAUR says:

    the ending is so sweet

  19. ELHALOPSP says:

    flipante un 10

  20. antidoteco says:

    you got heart kid!-

  21. Demila6 says:

    full respect

  22. darkmoto13 says:


  23. VansSkully says:


  24. jlussier543 says:


  25. NINJAJCOWN says:

    man this guy is a legend

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