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What experience with powerchairs and scooters do you have?

1 Comment 28 September 2010

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  1. mistify says:

    A power scooter is ideal for someone who can readily transfer from chair to chair, chair to toilet, etc…and possibly be able to walk a short distance without assitance from another person. A scooter would be ideal for people who really just needs it for walking longer distances such as going through a grocery store, etc. Those in a scooter will not necessarily have to spend the majority of their day on the device.

    A power wheelchair is ideal for someone who will spend the majority of their day in the wheelchair, is primarily non-ambulatory or ambulates only with a signficant amount of assistance. The chair will offer more support and stability and cushioning than a power scooter. To qualify for a power wheelchair, it must be demonstrated that you are not a functional ambulator and that some other condition exists that would exclude you from being able to use a manual wheelchair (examples include a cardiac condition, upper extremity weakness, neuropathy of the hands, etc. )

    If you are someone who still stands to prepare a meal, to get dressed, can walk to the bathroom, etc, but cannot walk long distances either due to a medical condition or due to pain, you would be more appropriate for a scooter.

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