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Standers BedCane – Mobility Aids For Elderly A Review

No Comments 26 October 2010

Standers BedCane – Mobility Aids For Elderly A Review

Adult children of aging parents who are looking for mobility aids for their parents will want to include the Stander Bed Cane from the Stander Company and its other mobility aids for elderly and disabled persons when purchasing home care products. At the bottom of this article I provide information on where to save on the Stander BedCane and other mobility aids with fast shipping so your loved one is able to live the life they love.

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As an adult daughter of aging parents I am keenly aware of how mobility aids improve the overall elderly quality of life. As a caregiver one of my goals is to find quality home care mobility products at affordable prices. The three criteria I use when researching mobility aids include sturdy construction, affordable pricing, and fast delivery. The Stander Company manufactures reliable, stable products including the Standers BedCane, the Security and Grab Bar, the Car Caddie, and the Handybar. I have also been able to find a reputable online source offering great prices and fast delivery.

Four mobility aids for elderly and disabled

The four mobility aids we and other families have found helpful, all from Stander, include

the Stander BedCane,
the Security and Grab Pole,
the Car Caddie,
and the Handybar.

Standers BedCane

The Standers BedCane makes getting in and out of bed easier. It is a sturdy bed rail which securely fits between your mattress and box spring. It is to install, adjusts to the height of your mattress, and has a soft to the touch with its cushion grip handle. The optional use four pocket organizer is perfect for easy accessibility to a television remote, telephone, magazine, or glasses.

The Security Pole and Grab Bar

The Security Pole and Grab Bar features easy installation, availability in black or white, and multiple rooms uses. With its tension mounting and no tool required installation, this product is able to assist users to rise from a sitting position. The Security Pole and Grab Bar can be installed any room in the house, in the bathroom it can assist with sitting as well as be a grab bar for entering and exiting the tub. With cushioned mountings, the floor and ceiling are protected from damage and markings. It is rust resistant and has weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.

The CarCaddie

The easy to install CarCaddie fits any framed vehicle window and provides assistance getting in and out of an automobile. This mobility aid is made of an adjustable length durable nylon strap with a rubber cushion grip for a comfortable gripping surface. The CarCaddie provides assistance getting in or out of a car, van, or truck.

For information on the HandyBar and where to purchase the Standers BedCane and other mobility aids with fast shipping, visit http://www.StandersBedCane.blogspot.com.

This article originally published Standers BedCane Mobility Aids.

Judy Henderson enjoys writing and researching about living and mobility aids that help people maintain their safety and independence including the Standers BedCane.  It is enjoyable to help people find these home safety products online at great prices.

Fox 2 in Detroit Michigan runs balance and mobility segment on Miracle Belt and Sensory Belt for children, teens, and adults with Cerebral Palsy. New Balance Aids & Mobility Aids for CP.
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Most popular Mobility Aids auctions

No Comments 11 August 2010

Most popular Mobility aids eBay auctions:

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What Are Mobility Aids?

No Comments 11 August 2010

What Are Mobility Aids?

Mobility aids are used to help people walk and move around more easily, they help enable mobility. Mobility aids are used when it is difficult for people to move freely by themselves, for example when a person gets older moving about can become more challenging and so aids are used to help them. It is not just the elderly who use mobility aids, any person with a disability may need to use a mobility aid as well. A person with a hurt or broken leg may need to use crutches to get about for a certain amount of time until the leg is healed, or they may need a wheel chair, there are numerous mobility aids that can be used to enable mobility.

What are some examples of mobility aids?

Wheel Chair – a wheel chair is probably one of the most known about mobility aid as they are seen about a lot for example in hospitals. A wheel chair is a chair that is placed on two large wheels. The wheel chair has handles at the back which allows for a person to push the chair along, or the person in the wheel chair can push the wheels around and maneuver the chair that way. There are many different wheel chairs you can buy today for example there is the standard wheel chair, the standard lightweight chair, paediatric wheelchair, and even wheel chair accessories such as chair waterproof covers and cushions.

Mobility Scooter – is an electric scooter. They are similar in nature to the wheelchair apart from they are electric and so no manual force is required and they have the steering handles in front of the chair. Mobility scooters are great to help people get about with ease, they can be easily taken apart for quick storage either at home or in the boot of the car. Most mobility scooters have a basket on the front which is great for storage for the rider to place their belongings, whether its their handbag, or the items they buy shopping, the scooter makes popping down to the shops as easy as 1-2-3.

Walking Frames and Walking Sticks – these are used to help people to walk who don’t feel comfortable putting a lot of pressure on their body. Have a walking frame or walking stick relieves some of the weight that is put on the body while walking. If a person has a hurt leg or knee for example they can use a walking frame or walking stick to help them along.

There are many more mobility aids available today these are just a few of them, sometimes people have a few aids and use certain ones depending on the activity, for example if it is a long day shopping then a mobility scooter would probably be best or if they are walking about the house then a walking stick is used.

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