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The SCOOTER Store, Leading Scooter and Power Chair Supplier, Renews Partnership with Didit

No Comments 02 November 2010

New York (PRWEB) January 29, 2009

Leading scooter and power chair supplier The SCOOTER Store has re-signed with Didit, beginning a third consecutive year with Didit as The SCOOTER Store’s paid search agency of record.

The SCOOTER Store, which has been a Didit client since 2007, cites a nearly 20% Y/Y growth in generating leads, 2008 v. 2007 (18% overall; 21% December 2007 vs. December 2008) as being particularly influential in the renewal decision.

“When your business revolves so heavily around reaching customers online, choosing the right paid search management becomes a crucial decision,” says Brian Lang, Director of e-Marketing at The SCOOTER Store. “Over the past two years, Didit has consistently shown itself to be that right choice — which is why we’ve decided to continue the relationship in ‘09.”

Remarks Didit CEO Kevin Lee, “We value our relationship with The SCOOTER Store for many reasons — not the least because it’s a business that understands both the value of smart marketing, and the importance of paid search in an efficient marketing mix. We’re truly excited to deepen our relationship in 2009.”

About Didit

Didit (www.didit.com), ranked on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list in 2007 and 2008 and a 2007 Inc. 500 Company, provides top-tier SEM Strategy, highly sophisticated analytics and modeling, and best-of-breed technology to produce unmatched SEM results for its more than 130 clients. With award-winning expertise in auctioned media management and targeted online advertising, Didit has led the evolution of online marketing since 1996.

About The SCOOTER Store

The SCOOTER Store is America’s leading supplier of scooters and power chairs for people with limited mobility. Visit The SCOOTER Store at www.TheScooterStore.com.

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Abe Mezrich

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Taking A Look At Electric Lift Chair Manufacturers

No Comments 23 October 2010

Taking A Look At Electric Lift Chair Manufacturers

Electric lift chairs have gone a long way since their humble beginnings. Many elderly and disabled have great difficulty getting up after being seated for an extended period of time, and electric liftchairs were designed to aide the user in standing up. At the beginning, electric liftchairs were no more than modified recliners, lacking both features and safety. Nowadays, electric power chairs can come with everything short of the kitchen sink.

Lift chairs began to take root in the early 80’s, as people were looking to give their elderly parents more freedom and mobility around the house. Simply put, many families installed lift systems onto their living room recliners. The result was a “lift chair” that wasn’t reliable – the frames and upholstery were never designed to be lifted and raised constantly, thus causing the frame of the chair to break frequently. As if that wasn’t dangerous enough, the earliest lift systems were spring based. Unlike the systems we use today, spring based systems simply lifted and lowered with the press of a button. Thus, if one accidentally pressed the button they could be thrown off their seat!

The lack of quality liftchairs could directly be attributed to the lack of dedicated power chair companies. This changed as soon as Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies started making lift chairs. In the late 80’s, these two companies took electric lift chairs to the next level: they began by building the chairs from the ground up. That meant better construction and better quality parts, resulting in a product that was designed to be lifted in the air constantly. They also removed the spring lift and replaced it with electric motors; thus, the liftchair would only raise and lower when the button was pressed, greatly improving safety.

While there are many different companies that make electric power chairs, Pride Mobility and Golden Technology have been around the longest and have the best reputation. When these two companies came to fruition in the 80’s, many of the old style lift chair manufacturers were simply not able to compete with the vastly superior product and went out of business. These days, both companies have expanded and offer a wide array of products, including electric wheelchairs, scooters, and lift ramps. However, electric lift chairs have been, and always will be, their bread and butter.

Thank you for reading our latest article on electric lift chairs. If you have any suggestions for future liftchair articles, then drop by our website at http://www.1liftchair.com and give us a buzz. Your feedback is always welcome.

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Go ahead, meddle — in favor of a man chair

No Comments 09 October 2010

Go ahead, meddle in favor of a man chair
It’s not every day that readers are invited to meddle in the affairs of two young newlyweds.
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Chair Challenges
By Jerry Crawford Over my past 23 years I have seen many chairs on the Heart. A few years ago new wooden and cast iron benches were placed strategically around the Heart circle. I remember patrolling one night with my trusted partner, Officer Benner. All of a sudden a quick stop of the patrol car heightened my curiosity. Charlie! What is it? What do you see? As Charlie [...]
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Elton John & Leon Russell: Keyboard colleagues
Elton John, inspired by musician Leon Russell early in his career and left feeling that Russell never got his due, aims to rectify that with a new joint project. Few people can get away with telling an anecdote about being on safari in Africa and make it sound like a trip to the supermarket.
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ComputerChairs.net, DiningChairs.net, ReclinerChairs.net, GameChairs.net Designed to Change Consumer Options in the Chair Ecommerce Marketplace

No Comments 01 October 2010

Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) January 27, 2010

ComputerChairs.net, DiningChairs.net, ReclinerChairs.net, GameChairs.net designed to change consumer options in the chair ecCmmerce marketplace.

Owner Todd Johnson has opened four online chair stores designed to focus the buying power of many to create a more efficient, consumer-centric marketplace. These websites were developed to make purchasing online easier, safer and more cost-effective than ever before. As this movement grows, so too will its influence on behalf of consumers.

According to Todd Johnson, owner of the stores, “GameChairs.net is the next stage in gaming pleasure. We are providing gamers with a solution to maximize their gaming experience while relaxing in comfort and style.”

The sites, located at ComputerChairs.net, DiningChairs.net, ReclinerChairs.net, GameChairs.net , invites consumers to come, shop for the perfect chair, and become part of a new force in the marketplace. “We believe there are literally millions of Internet-savvy consumers who will understand the significance of this movement and who will want to help it grow,” added Fusz.

Given the current economic climate, Todd’s efforts should be well received by consumers. The sites focus is aimed at offering a pleasurable online shopping experience in choosing the perfect quality chairs at a reasonable price.

For additional information on the new websites, please contact Todd Johnson or visit www.diningchairs.net.

About DiningChairs.net:

DiningChairs.net promotes the interests of choosy chair consumers in the marketplace. The company designs and develops systems to make online purchasing easier, safer and more cost-effective for consumers. The company, headquartered in Albuquerque, is led by founder Todd Johnson.


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